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Olympia’s soaring presence complements its setting adjacent to the anchorage of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Thoughtful exteriors by Hill West Architects and interiors by Workstead all reflect a sense of scale and rhythm, and a palette of colors and materials, that is grounded in the maritime and industrial inheritance of DUMBO’s waterfront.

"When you view that articulated surface from different angles, the building comes alive—always in a way that complements the tones and textures of the neighborhood."


Hill West Architects

The colonnade translates the geometry of classical architecture into contemporary cast concrete: a crisp composition of columns and entablatures that elegantly frames the streetscape and landscape. From within, the view down Main Street to the waterfront is perfectly aligned to the lobby and garden lounge.

A timeless exterior design by Hill West—whose natural minimal palette and parallel façade patterns gently nod to the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge anchorage, and whose sculptural form reflects its unique sail-shaped site. Poured concrete panels alternate with vision glass creating a rhythm that’s in sync with the neighborhood below.